"Heartbleed" - US-CERT Alert (TA14-098A)
At HighScope and Red-eSetGrow, we take security very seriously. In an effort to keep you and your organization aware of current IT security issues and vulnerabilities, we want to make you aware, per a US-CERT current advisory, of a particularly dangerous OpenSSL bug known as "Heartbleed." This vulnerability can allow a remote attacker to expose sensitive user data.

Within 24 hours of learning of this vulnerability, HighScope and Red-eSetGrow were monitoring its systems to test and remediate any affected products.
CORAdvantage, OnlineCOR, and OnlinePQA have all been patched or verified as unaffected.

Although this data is likely not a target for hackers, the US-CERT recommends that you change your password now that vulnerability is fixed. Changing passwords before the vulnerability was fixed could still leave you vulnerable. You can learn more at US-CERT Alert (TA14-098A).

Thank you for your continued use and support of HighScope products.
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